Issue 2 Passed: What Now?

Our Kids At Risk

This is not a “Reefer Madness” site hyping hysteria about marijuana, rather an exploration of significant hazard to our kids. Big Marijuana proclaims that the benefits of its expanded legal use outweigh the risks, but the experience of other states suggests Ohio’s kids are in the crosshairs of venture capitalists whose business model requires ensnaring our kids while they are teens.

The 23 states that have legalized recreational use convey an unfolding and  troubling story. Dramatic increases in the incidence of overdose, addiction, psychosis, drug-related car crashes and emergency room visits have plagued these states. Groups of distressed and frightened parents have sprung up to try to rein in poorly regulated, hyper-predatory purveyors, but to little avail against an exceptionally greedy industry. Many vulnerable kids suffer long lasting harm.

The fact is that the important component of marijuana, delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), is a powerful psychoactive, sometimes neurotoxic drug that has a wide range of physical, mental and emotional effects. For most users these are short-term and pleasantly euphoric, but many, especially high-risk, immature individuals, suffer lasting neuro-psychological illness. Importantly, the concentration and dosage of this drug has increased so dramatically in the last decade that it has far outstripped our scientific understanding of the long-term effects for both individuals and society.

Having said this, Weed Free Kids is not prohibitionist. There are a few selective settings for which THC and its non-psychoactive cousin, CBD, appear to have medicinal benefit, albeit for far fewer conditions than proponents would suggest. Given stringent, well-enforced regulation and well-constructed guardrails to protect kids, there may be options for legal adult recreational use, but no state, thus far, has come close to achieving these critical protections.

The bottom line is that in Ohio where we already have a very liberal medical marijuana policy and individual use is decriminalized, moving to ratify the 50-page wish list of major marijuana dealers recklessly endangers our kids.

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