Issue 2 Passed: What Now?

About Us

We are parents, family members and friends. Many of us have or know kids who’ve suffered serious problems with marijuana including addiction, behavior changes, school failures, mental health challenges and family disruption.

We’ve been in contact with other parents in states where recreational marijuana is legal and heavily marketed by those who care little about kids’ futures.  Their stories terrified us.

We’ve read the Marijuana Initiated Statute going before the voters in November and its awful.  50 inscrutable pages devoted to promoting  the production, sale and use of this drug with virtually no guardrails to protect kids, prevent abuse, restrain marketing or ensure safety.

It’s a disaster for Ohio’s kids.

We urge you to read it and if you also think it’s important, join us.  We won’t send you emails or texts asking for money.  Period.  If you do decide to contribute through the website know that your money will be spent only on public ads, and never on salaries, legal fees, administration, fundraising or other sundries.  Those costs are already covered. 

Also know that we haven’t in the past nor will we in the future knowingly take money from industries like alcohol producers, medical marijuana sellers, other competing interests or any political PACs.  

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