Issue 2 Passed: What Now?

Packaging and Marketing

Plain Packaging: As is common with medications, all packaging shall include the name of the manufacturer and the distributor, expiration date and a full description of the product.  No logos, enticing brand names or brightly colored packaging is permitted.

Advertising: All marketing and advertising must be pre-approved by Board of Pharmacy to reduce exposure to those underage.  Outdoor and billboard, radio and television marketing is prohibited.  Event, venue and internet marketing must be strictly limited to venues and sites that reduce youth exposure.  Free sampling or reduced-price sales are prohibited.

Packaging with Warning Label:  All products shall be packaged in plain child-proof, opaque packaging preapproved by the Board of Pharmacy and must carry a prominent warning label, “This product contains delta-9-THC, a known risk to brain development.  For use by adults over 21.  Keep away from children and animals.  Marijuana impairs concentration and judgement. Do not drive or operate machinery under its influence.  Not safe in pregnancy or breast feeding.”

Warning Labels: All advertising and marketing materials shall prominently feature a series of brief  rotating warning labels as approved by the Board of Pharmacy.  These will address the high risk of addiction, the dangers of impaired judgement, the risk of mental illness including psychosis, the risk of poisoning to children and the risks associated with youth usage.

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