Issue 2 Passed: What Now?

Product and Public Safety

Product Testing: Prior to marketing or sale, all products must be submitted for testing to a state certified lab to determine the level of THC and other possible cannabinoids or contaminants.

THC Quantity: No individual product serving for ingestion or vape inhalation may exceed a threshold delivery of more than 5mg of THC.  All product servings must be physically separate, and no individual package may exceed 50mg of THC. “Flower” for smoking inhalation shall be limited to a potency not to exceed 10%.

Other Cannabinoids  With the exception of cannabidiol (CBD) and regulated delta-9-THC, no other cannabinoids may be marketed, sold or provided.  Delta-8-THC  and synthetic cannabinoids are specifically prohibited.

Combined Drugs:  Products containing added psychoactive drugs including nicotine, caffeine and alcohol are prohibited.

SmokeFree Areas:  Marijuana may not be smoked or vaped in areas open to the public including hotel rooms, nor may it be smoked or vaped in places of employment.  This includes a prohibition against on-site consumption in retail facilities.

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