Issue 2 Passed: What Now?

State and Local Authority – Revocable Licensing

State Registration Required: All sellers must register and be certified by state authority and meet standards set by the Board of Pharmacy.

Local Authority: Local elected authorities may adopt and enforce local ordinances regarding zoning, retailer density or land use, or completely prohibit operation of marijuana businesses.  Any amendment to those regulations shall go through a normal regulatory or legislative process with no required popular vote.

Heath Department Licensure: Marijuana is primarily a health problem. All sellers must obtain a “Marijuana Retail License” from the local Health Department, pay an annual license fee set by the local health department at an amount to cover the costs of enforcement, and abide by rules of sale enacted by that jurisdiction. 

Enforcement Action: For ongoing infractions, Health Departments may implement civil penalty including license suspension or revocation.  Action against unlicensed establishments may be taken against owners or landlords of the property involved. 

Decriminalization: Possession of small amounts of products for individual use will remain decriminalized.

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