Issue 2 Passed: What Now?

Strict Enforcement of Age 21

Twenty-one only: No one may sell or provide marijuana to any person under the age of 21. Any person handling or selling marijuana products must be over age 21.

Age 21 in Establishment: No persons under 21 shall be allowed into an establishment selling marijuana.  All sellers must post state certified signage at the entry door: “Entry by Those Under Age 21 Is Prohibited by State Law”.

Age 21 Signage: State certified signage stating, “Sales of Marijuana Products to Persons Under Age 21 is Prohibited by State Law”, shall be posted conspicuously at all points-of-sale.

Required transaction scan: All sales transactions shall be in-person / face-to-face and shall require the seller to check ID using a state certified electronic scanning device regardless of the buyer’s apparent age. 

Underage Compliance Checks: The local health department shall conduct at minimum two annual underage compliance checks using persons 18-20 to attempt to purchase products. 

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