Issue 2 Passed: What Now?

Youth and Family Protection

Civil Action by Parents: The parent or guardian of a minor child or ward under 21 for whom they have financial responsibility may bring a civil action against any person who illegally provides marijuana products to that child based on the negative effects of those products on the child. 

Under 21 Medical Requires Prescription: Medical marijuana may not be provided to a person under the age of 21 without an in-person evaluation and specific written prescription signed by a certified health practitioner for a limited quantity. 

Diversion Reduction of Medical Marijuana: In order to reduce drug diversion and illegal redistribution, the type and quantity of medical marijuana products available shall be carefully limited by the Board of Pharmacy.

Flavor & Color Prohibition: “Edibles” or electronic “vapor” or other smoked or inhaled products may not be produced or marketed to include ingredients producing bright colors or highly sweetened or child enticing flavor such as chocolate, fruit-flavors, mint, etc., or be confused with normal foods such as chips or soft drinks.  THC infused beverages as well as powders, liquids or gels that may be used to make a THC infused beverage are prohibited.

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